The ‘Who I Am’ Project Celebrating Tweens

As a mom, you have hundreds of photos of your kids from the time they were born through the toddler years, right?

But the pre-teen years are mostly overlooked, leaving a wide gap in the family photo album.

What a shame!


Because those special pre-teen years are the time when your kids develop their personalities and begin to express themselves as unique individuals.

Yet, many of these moments go by without being photographed. This is where the “Who I Am” project comes to the rescue. My mission is to capture these pre-teen years, but it’s not just about the photos.

The goal is also to promote self-confidence, build self-esteem and show kids that real beauty is a state of mind, not the result of hair, makeup, waist size, or gender.

We celebrate everything that makes the tween years unique—from silly smiles, to dance moves. We play, laugh, and make a mess with glitter.

With the focus firmly on fun, we capture a special glimpse of those fleeting tween moments.

★★★★★ “Sophia really enjoyed the photo session. She came home and told her dad all about it. Now her little sister is looking forward to doing a photo session in the future.”
~ Rebecca M, Richmond