If you’ve read my blog before or scrolled through the galleries than you will have seen this handsome Bloodhound’s face on my site.  Wyatt and I go back a ways….all the way back to 2011 and Baker beach where I met him for the first time.  His human, Josephine, has his photo taken each year and up to that point she had chosen a different portrait photographer each year.  This particular year she wanted photos of Wyatt with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the background.  We meet, had a blast at our session and the rest, as they say, is history as I’ve been photography Wyatt and Josephine each and every year since then.

We’ve had our sessions at numerous recognizable Bay area locations, like the UC Berkeley Campus, the beach in Pacifica, and even strolling along the Embarcadero in SF.  See Wyatt’s other yearly portrait sessions by clicking these links:  Year One, Year Three, Year Four

2015-12-20_0020 2015-12-20_0019 2015-12-20_0018 2015-12-20_0017

This year she wanted a studio portrait and she added a twist.  Wyatt as a new baby sister named Sasha.  Now she isn’t a Bloodhound, so perhaps that makes her a baby cousin, but whatever, she is the most adorable and sweetest Chocolate Lab.  At one point I had to inform Josephine that she wasn’t going to be able to take Sasha home, I was dog napping her!

We started off with both Wyatt and Sasha taking turns in the studio.  One would be inside with me and the other outside with Josephine.  Since my studio sits within a completely fenced garden, it is great place for dogs to sniff around and relieve themselves before their turn in front of the camera.

2015-12-20_0016 2015-12-20_0015 2015-12-20_0014 2015-12-20_0013

We moved to the outdoor garden area for a few more shots of the two playing.  Wyatt is obsessed with his ball and so no session is complete without throwing a few for him.  Sasha is just learning to run after the ball, so I threw it for her while filing some video.  This was my surprise for Josephine.  She took Wyatt for a quick walk around the block while I worked with Sasha and she has been such a terrific and lovely client over the years, I added a little video to her session slideshow.

2015-12-20_0012 2015-12-20_0011 2015-12-20_0010

I don’t know what next year has in store, but I can hardly wait to see Sasha all grown up and play with Wyatt again.

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