Meet Cyndi

Pointing at the younger woman with the familiar smile in the faded old photo…

My son exclaims “Hey Mom; she looks just like you!” And much to my surprise, he was right. Until then I was unaware of just how much I resembled my father’s mother. Finding this old photo album was like traveling back in time. I was getting to know the younger version of the grandmother I had adored growing up.

What an amazing discovery. I rescued the photo from that old album, framed it, and now it proudly resides on my fireplace mantle. Had it been a digital image it would have never survived for me to discover; which is why I firmly believe that prints matter, especially now in our instant gratification digital age.

A Few Random Tidbits About Me

  • Class clown as a kid and still love to make people laugh
  • Addicted to lavishly buttered popcorn at the movies
  • Favorite book as a child – The Little Prince
  • Favorite recent books – All the Light We Cannot See & The Help
  • Guilty Pleasure – binging on Grey’s Anatomy, GoT or Call the Midwife
  • Proud mom of a US Marine veteran
  • Favorite food – Lemon Cake (that’s counts as a food, right?)

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  • You crave a good belly laugh
  • You love seeing your kids giggle helplessly
  • Dog hair on your clothes is no big deal
  • You never sweat the small stuff
  • You favorite clothes are comfy like old friends
  • You speak your mind
  • Sunsets make you pause and smile
  • You dance in your living room and don’t care who is watching
  • You realize genuine expressions don’t come forced
  • You need good books, good music, good friends and long conversations
  • You expect great customer service
  • You appreciate quality and value
  • You respect that portrait photography creates a work of art