Five years of portraits and now Wyatt has a new puppy!

Five years of portraits and now Wyatt has a new puppy!

If you’ve read my blog before or scrolled through the galleries than you will have seen this handsome Bloodhound’s face on my site.  Wyatt and I go back a ways….all the way back to 2011 and Baker beach where I met him for the first time.  His human, Josephine, has his photo taken each year and up to that point she had chosen a different portrait photographer each year.  This particular year she wanted photos of Wyatt with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the background.  We meet, had a blast at our session and the rest, as they say, is history as I’ve been photography Wyatt and Josephine each and every year since then.

We’ve had our sessions at numerous recognizable Bay area locations, like the UC Berkeley Campus, the beach in Pacifica, and even strolling along the Embarcadero in SF.  See Wyatt’s other yearly portrait sessions by clicking these links:  Year One, Year Three, Year Four

2015-12-20_0020 2015-12-20_0019 2015-12-20_0018 2015-12-20_0017

This year she wanted a studio portrait and she added a twist.  Wyatt as a new baby sister named Sasha.  Now she isn’t a Bloodhound, so perhaps that makes her a baby cousin, but whatever, she is the most adorable and sweetest Chocolate Lab.  At one point I had to inform Josephine that she wasn’t going to be able to take Sasha home, I was dog napping her!

We started off with both Wyatt and Sasha taking turns in the studio.  One would be inside with me and the other outside with Josephine.  Since my studio sits within a completely fenced garden, it is great place for dogs to sniff around and relieve themselves before their turn in front of the camera.

2015-12-20_0016 2015-12-20_0015 2015-12-20_0014 2015-12-20_0013

We moved to the outdoor garden area for a few more shots of the two playing.  Wyatt is obsessed with his ball and so no session is complete without throwing a few for him.  Sasha is just learning to run after the ball, so I threw it for her while filing some video.  This was my surprise for Josephine.  She took Wyatt for a quick walk around the block while I worked with Sasha and she has been such a terrific and lovely client over the years, I added a little video to her session slideshow.

2015-12-20_0012 2015-12-20_0011 2015-12-20_0010

I don’t know what next year has in store, but I can hardly wait to see Sasha all grown up and play with Wyatt again.

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Senior Sibling Pups Rescued in San Pablo

You know that I am a big proponent of adoption as the shelters are filled with amazing dogs looking for a good and loving home. This wonderful couple, while looking in various local shelters to adopt a dog, was approached one day by a neighbor who had decided to give up her too senior pups stating she could no longer care for them. As it turned out this brother and sister were in need of some help as they hadn’t been well taken care of for some time already.

2015-12-20_0054 2015-12-20_0053

They took them home, made them part of their new family, got them much needed medical care and have lavished both with the love and attention they needed.  Then they decided to memorialize their new family with a few studio portraits.



I think what they have done for these pups is amazing and I could tell immediately that the pups knew that they had been truly rescued.  They gaze with loving eyes upon their new humans and make themselves at home on the new laps.

2015-12-20_0050 2015-12-20_0049 2015-12-20_0048


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Keep Your Dog Safe at Bay Area Beaches

Among the myriad health topics regarding dogs is one that’s at the top of the list for SF Bay area residents – keeping your dog safe at the beach.

Most dogs love going to the beach; they can take in new scents, experience the feel of sand beneath their paws, discover new things, and have a romp or swim in the water. This is a great way to exercise your dog and to stimulate both his mind and his senses – as long as you prepare properly for your outing so your dog’s adventure is as safe as it is fun.

First, it’s most important to find out whether the beach you’re going to is actually dog-friendly (never just assume it is!) and if so, whether it requires dogs to be leashed or not.


Can your dog swim? Most people assume that all dogs can swim, but there are actually some breeds whose builds make it difficult or impossible for them to swim. Even if you know for a fact that your dog is a good swimmer, it’s best stay beside him and to outfit him with a flotation jacket because unexpected strong currents can challenge even the best swimmers.


Much like humans, dogs can get sunburned and dehydrated, and both can be dangerous. Bring water in a cooler along with a collapsible travel bowl to the beach, and offer your dog water frequently – some vets recommend giving water every fifteen minutes on hot, sunny days. To help prevent sunburn, use sunblock especially designed for dogs, which you can find at most pet stores. Be sure to look for any hairless areas on the ears, nose, stomach, or even bare patches that have been shaved or are scarred and can’t grow fur. Take special care with white dogs, whose pink skin is especially susceptible to sunburn right through their fur. If you’re going to spend the day or even a few hours at the beach, consider bringing a beach umbrella and encourage your dog to rest in the shade periodically.

At the end of your visit, rinse the sand and salt off your dog as soon as possible – both can irritate and dry a dog’s skin. Some beaches have outdoor showers for this purpose, and you can then sit with your dog for a few minutes while he dries off before driving home. You can also wash him off as soon as you get home either with a hose in your yard or in the bathtub.

Beaches make beautiful settings for portraits or action shots of our canine companions – contact us to discuss the endless possibilities.

Family Fun and Portraits in Tiburon

The O Family is another wonderful repeat client that I have been privileged to work with for the third time. Well, twice for family portraits and once with the daughter for a BFF Tween session.



They are sweet and loving family and mom believes in getting a formal portrait each year to record the changes, which, includes the families two dogs.


2015-12-20_0040 2015-12-20_0039 2015-12-20_0038

I love going out to visit them as they live in beautiful Belvedere where there are numerous cool locations to shoot, not the least of which is their home.


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Why Using a Professional Photographer is Important When it Comes to Your Pets

When it comes to your pets, you probably consider them a member of the family. Your love for them is unsurpassed so that is why using a professional photographer is important to capture them at their best.


Sure, you might take a picture on your Smartphone and share it to your favorite social media but what about those photos you want to last a lifetime? Here are a few reasons you want to use a professional:

  • Equipment. A professional has the equipment to fix the things that you might not be able to. Whether it’s the right lighting, post-processing to remove something that was in the photo, or simply the sharpest photo imaginable; a professional will take that perfect photo. Along with their talent for capturing the right moment, they bring along experience and the right tools for the job.
  • Experience. Someone who focuses on pet photography not only has the experience to work with your pet but can ensure that the photos are stunning and something you will want to share with the world. Sometimes it can be hard to work with your own pet to get that perfect shot and that is where a professional has that skill and patience you need.
  • Lasting Memories. Hiring a professional means that receive photos that are impeccable. While a family member or friend might take some snapshots that are okay, a professional delivers something that is perfect for hanging on your wall, showing your friends, or using in a card or advertisement.


If you want the perfect photo of your pet then check out our portfolio and contact us about scheduling a session.