A Beautiful Day with a Beautiful Family Photograph in Oakland

On my website I state that you define your family and I document the love.  This Beautiful Family Photograph in Oakland recently is the perfect example of that sentiment.  It started with a call from Sandra who wanted to surprise her partner with a portrait session for her birthday.  Sweet, right? (hint, hint to anyone else thinking of doing this – yes I do offer gift certificates).  Their family includes a simply adorable little girl, Z, and their rescue Mastiff/Pitt mix Malyke.

Family Portraits Oakland - Z

We started the session in their absolutely lovely home in Oakland.  The sun streaming in the windows, the gorgeous textures and colors everywhere I looked were this photographer’s dream setting.  Sandra and Erica were supper welcoming and allowed me to browse through their home looking for really yummy areas to shoot in.  Pretty much every where I looked qualified.

Family Portraits Oakland

Family Portraits Oakland

So far we have great location, really nice clients and then we meet the baby. OK, when babies are involved you can never be sure what will happen and you need to be ready to work with a bunch of variables.  Z has got to be the sweetest, most easy going baby out there.  She was quick to smile, happy, looking into the camera and making eye contact and playing with her mommies (who clearly adore her).

Family Portraits Oakland

Family Portraits Oakland

Family Portraits Oakland

So far so good, but did I mention the dog?  Another subject which requires flexibility as you may get a dog that is uncomfortable with the camera or strangers or just completely uninterested in cooperating.  However, Malyke is as sweet as his humans.  He willing posed where we put him, happily devoured the treats and was agreeable to posing with the baby too.  Clearly Erica and Sandra are doing it all right.

Family Portraits Oakland

Family Portraits Oakland

This totally fun and enjoyable session was a two location affair.  When we were done at their home, we drove over to the Mountain View Cemetery on Piedmont.  It may sound weird having a family session in a cemetery, but this isn’t my first time shooting there.  It is a really stunning piece of property with terrific views and landscaping.  People walk their dogs and have picnics every sunny day of the year there.  I recommend checking it out if you’ve never been.

Thank you Sandra and Erica for inviting me into your home and sharing you sweet family with me.  Enjoy today’s sneak peek.

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Sending Holidays Cards? Get a Great Image to Send – Holiday Mini Sessions

I know it isn’t even Halloween yet and here I am about to mention the holidays (believe me, I hate that too!) but don’t pull a Cyndi and wait until the week before Christmas to get holidays cards. Then end up frustrated, tired of the hoards of shoppers all doing the same thing and decide “Oh, screw it, I’ll just send a New Year’s greeting instead!”

Holiday Cards - Kuiper Family

Grab your pets and/or kids and come on down to the Chickpea studio on November 9th to have your custom holiday greeting card made.

>There are only 12 slots open for the day.

->The 9th is the only day I’m doing greeting card mini sessions this year.

->It is a quick and painless 20-minute session (some people have actually been known to have fun!).

You’ll get 4 print ready digital images for $89 (that is a savings of $300) and if you add-on the custom greeting cards you’ll get a free digital greeting card for Facebook too!

Book your session today before all the slots are gone.

Greeting Cards - Joy Peace and Love