The T Family Portraits at Heather Farms in Walnut Creek

Imagine, if you will, a warm summer afternoon, soft diffused light coming from the slightly overcast skies and bouncing off the trees and green, green grass. Then add to this idyllic scene a young family playing with their two children. Well actually corralling the two-year old who is enthusiastically running along said grass in pursuit of the many geese, while the other child plays peek-a-boo around a tree trunk with the friendly neighborhood family photographer (that would be me).

Family Portraits Heather Farms Park Family Portraits Heather Farms Park

But there is no need to imagine this scene faithful reader, just take a peek at the imagines themselves from my afternoon playing with the T family at Heather Farms Park in Walnut Creek.

Looks like fun doesn’t it?  And that is one of the many reason I am a family photographer.  Kids keep it interesting and me on my toes…..or knees as the case may be.  Kids like to play, I like to play.  Kids aren’t that into sitting in front of a camera and neither I am.  Since my son is all grown up and out of the house for a couple of years now (and actually out of the country currently, he is a US Marine) I don’t have the opportunity at home to be all silly and let’s play games as much anymore.  So, I get pretty silly and bring toys, and bubbles to my portrait sessions.

Family Portraits Heather Farms Park Family Portraits Heather Farms Park Family Portraits Heather Farms Park

We didn’t bring out the bubbles on this shoot, but my trusty stuffy helpers were with me.  Number One – Elmo who sits on my camera lens and helps the kids smile.  Then I also have little finger puppets for the kids to play with and they even get to take one home at the end of our day.

Owen and Chloe were a lot of fun on this shoot.  Chloe is the big sister and she was totally down with this family portrait thing.  She was even willing to make her mom’s wish of a portrait of both her kids, at the same time, together, and not fighting a reality.  Owen is your typical 2 year-old boy in that he rarely stopped moving, but that is ok with me.  I can click that shutter pretty fast so all I really need is just 5 seconds of sitting next to big Sis …… and walla a photo of them together.

Family Portraits Heather Farms Park

Enjoy this sneak peek and thank you Rachael and Adrian for allowing me to play like a kid with yours!



Headshot Portraits at East Bay Photography Studio

I may be the world’s worst blogger. There I’ve admitted; that is a load off my shoulders. Whew!

In today’s service business economy blogging regularly is an important, if not critical, business tool. Alas, despite my best intentions of blogging weekly, I regularly get side-tracked by one of the many other priorities of owning and running a small business and my blogging drops to the far bottom on the list of to do’s.

So what does this self-flagellation have to do with headshots you may be wondering? Nothing really, other than to address the fact that I’m now blogging belatedly about several of my past headshot portrait sessions.

So let me introduce Josh, Lisa, Ava and Marianne. All recent and wonderful clients who came into the studio for a 30-minute headshot session.

Headshot Portraits at East Bay - Josh Headshot Portraits at East Bay - Josh 2 Headshot Portraits at East Bay - Josh 3 Headshot Portraits at East Bay - Lisa 1 Headshot Portraits at East Bay - Lisa 2 Headshot Portraits at East Bay - Lisa 3 Headshot Portraits at East Bay - Ava 1 Headshot Portraits at East Bay - Ava 2 Headshot Portraits at East Bay - Ava 3 Headshot Portraits at East Bay - Marianne 1 Headshot Portraits at East Bay - Marianne 2 Headshot Portraits at East Bay - Marianne 3







Come Play in the Chickpea Cube – Bay Area Child Portraits

Announcing our new studio offering – The Chickpea Cube.

And to kick-off this exciting new portrait (Bay Area Child Portraits) experience we are offering quick, fun, 30 minute mini sessions until mid-September for only $99.

These sessions are geared for kids, but the cube has ample space to fit the entire family (even a pet or two).  So if you’ve been pondering a family portrait or just need some updated pics of the kids, why not do something different?

Guaranteed to be the most fun you’ve had taking a portrait!

The bubble machine is ready and waiting for you!

Session Details –

-30 minutes in our Richmond studio
-your choice of 5 digital images ready for print
-more fun than a barrel (or cube) of monkeys (and that is a promise!)
all this for only $99
due to the size of the cube and the space requirements, there are limited opportunities for this session. Book today to be sure to secure your spot.

Booking your session is easy
, just call 510.213.8038, email me or book a session right now by scrolling down to the calendar, finding a time that works for you and paying the $49 deposit. Takes about 2 minutes and you are on your way!

Come on now… know you want to!