Home for the Holidays, Time for a Family Portrait in the Oakland Hills

Though I mainly focus on kids and pets, I do have the occasion to photograph adults for a family session. I was contacted recently by a nice lady, Janet I shall call her – because her name is actually Janet, who wanted a family session while her grown children were home for the holidays.

She also had a very specific location in mind. She wanted the session to be outside in the Oakland Hills with a view of the Bay. One reason she reached out to me was because she also wanted her two dogs included in the session.



We met on a beautiful and sunny Saturday right before Christmas in the parking lot of the Mormon Temple in Oakland. This was a first for me having never really been before, but there are some terrific views from the edge of the parking lot and even a few interesting backdrops on the grounds. The only down side was it was a particularly hazy day over the Bay which hindered some of the amazing views.


Undeterred by the haze we gathered up the pups and the kids and made Mom a happy lady by capturing some sweet family moments. They are a good-looking group and her children clearly resemble their mother.


If you’ve been thinking that it is time to gather the family for some fun lifestyle portraits, I highly recommend the Oakland Hills for some picturesque locations. Joaquin Miller Park is another location with interesting backgrounds, Roberts Park is a cool place for a hike among the Redwoods, and even Grizzly Peak with the stunning views found there can work.

Get in touch and we can discuss what locations interest you and remember my studio is always an option and particularly good if inclement weather is an obstacle.

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Family Portraits in Moraga – Linda & Lindsay

Many people hire a professional portrait photographer around the holidays when kids come home from school and family travel from far and wide to celebrate with one another. As a result December is a busy month and slots book up fast.

To accommodate the busy schedule this mother/daughter team happily met me nice and early. Two benefits to an early morning session are the fantastic light and lack of other people in the park.

Lindsay was home from college on the East Coast and Linda wanted photos of her and their German Shepherd mix, Jackson. We decided to meet at local park, Moraga Commons Park. I don’t have the opportunity to get to Moraga often, but it is familiar to me from summers spent visiting my Grandmother, who lived on Rheem Dr.

lindam-unf (16 of 60)

lindam-unf (21 of 60)

The four of us strolled around the park, as it was a cold, cold morning there was no one else around but us. We found this cool old bridge with rusted iron railings and with the morning sun coming up behind them, it made for a very picturesque scene.

lindam-unf (31 of 60)

lindam-unf (14 of 60)

We even stopped in the playground and I got the girls to swing on the swings for a few moments. All in all, a crisp, clear and peaceful morning spent enjoying the fresh air and the company.



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Fab Winter Day in Pacifica for Portraits of my favorite Bloodhound – Wyatt

Among one of the many pleasures of living in the Bay Area is visiting the coast all year round. Another beautiful and clear winter day found me at Rockaway Beach in Pacifica. This was my first time to this particular location, but my third session with Josephine and Wyatt.
Chickpea Photography - Bloodhound Wyatt 1

Our first session was also at the beach, but that time we went to Baker Beach and it was so foggy we couldn’t see the Golden Gate Bridge. Thankfully that only lasted a few minutes and then the fog disappeared; just another advantage of life in the Bay Area.
Chickpea Photography - Bloodhound Wyatt 2

Josephine is big dog lover, as in she loves big dogs like Wyatt, but also that she just plain loves dogs. She owns her own dog walking service, Call Josephine, and has referred many clients to me over the years. She clearly adores Wyatt and even tells humorous stories of the perils of living with a Bloodhound and the copious amounts of drool!

Wyatt is your typical Bloodhound, not in that he tracks people, but that he totally tracks his ball. Let’s just say that he is extremely ball motivated.
Chickpea Photography - Bloodhound Wyatt 3Chickpea Photography - Bloodhound Wyatt 4

While we were playing on the beach he found a rope buried in the sand and attempted to dig it up, perhaps thinking there was a ball attached to the end of it. The rope must have been anchored to something long buried because it would not budge and Wyatt would not be deterred from his task. I went with it though and got some great photos of him braying at the rope.
Chickpea Photography - Bloodhound Wyatt 5

Chickpea Photography - Bloodhound Wyatt 6