Kids Portrait at Fairyland with One Adorable 5 year-old

There are days when my job doesn’t feel anything even remotely like a job; it is just simply pure and plain fun. Some kids and some pets just have a special personality and a sparkle about them, I don’t know how else to describe it. While I love all my clients, there are some that are a complete joy to photograph. Alexa was one of those clients. An adorably sweet and charming 5 year-old girl, oh sorry, 5 1/2 as she explained to me!





Her mom met me at the entrance to Children’s Fairlyland in Oakland last weekend and we walked around the area laughing and talking about unicorns, stuffed piggies and Father’s Day presents.  She is a delightful girl with an easy smile and I hope she enjoyed herself as much as I did. Enjoy today’s sneak peek.

Collegiate Pet Portraits at Standford University

I’m slightly ashamed to say that as a Bay Area Native I’ve never visited the amazing campus at Stanford University.  That changed recently when I had the opportunity to book a pet portrait session on the campus with the adorable beagle Stanford.  Yes, you read that right, Stanford is the name of the dog and the name of the campus and that is because, Stanford’s human is a research nurse who works at Stanford.

Dog Look up at University

Dog at School - Chickpea Photography

Dog with Woman - ChickPea Photography

Dog at Bench - ChickPea Photography

We met at the Serra mall, walked around the main quad and the Memorial Church.  Stanford was a good model willing to work for treats and pose in front on the beautiful display of architecture.  Thanks to Joann for helping me realize one of the items on my photography wish list. This Pet Portraits at Standford University was a great. Here is your sneak peek for today.