Laughter, love and family sessions in El Cerrito

lily-3262p lily-3276p Family sessions in el cerito lilyv-3345Last summer I started to feel like it was time to expand my business offerings to include children as well as pets. Maybe I was feeling the lack of those cute little button noses and the infectious laughs of kids because my son is all grown now at 21 and in the Marines. I don’t see any grandchildren in my immediate future; and this is a good thing, but I do miss playing with kids.

I realized that children would be a great compliment to my business because they have so much in common with pets. And not because they don’t like to pose and can rarely sit still for more than a few seconds! It is because, like our pets, children tend to live in this moment, they aren’t concerned about posing for the camera and what fashions they need wear. They are more interested in playing and having fun. They want to show me their toys or their bedrooms or the fun stuff they enjoy doing at the park. This works for me because I am also more interested in having fun and playing than posing and for me photography is fun and play.

I was really fortunate ( for this family sessions in El Cerrito ) that one of my first clients was Lily, an incredibly cute girl who adorably helped me practice photographing a child. I got to see her yard  her favorite dolls, her doggies and her bedroom. She asked about my camera and even got her mom and dad in the act. I had a great time with Lily and truly appreciate her parents allowing her to work with me. Say hi to Lily!


Harry’s 11th Birthday…almost.

Today I had planned to buy Harry a new toy and bake him a doggie birthday cake to celebrate his 11th birthday.  Of course, that was not meant to be as he succumbed to his cancer 13 days ago.


This photo was taken in Fall 2009.  We were walking near the Berkeley estuary and I got the idea to have Harry pose on the railroad tracks.  So while Lisa watched for trains Harry and I worked on this series of shots.  A couple of the images from this day are some of my favorites.  I the lines of the tracks and Harry looking off to the distance.  Yes, this pose may be a bit of a cliché, but it was still fun to do.

Harry was a very patient model….well most of the time at least.  He understood I wanted him to pose and he would just sit there and wait for me to do my thing.  Good thing too as I spent a lot of time in those early days practicing on Harry.  He had a bunch of words that he would respond to, perk up those big ears and give me a look.  Great dog model for a newbie pet photographer.

Miss you H!  Happy Birthday.