RIP – Harry

As a pet photographer I’ve written a few posts saying goodbye to past clients and wishing them well on their journey. Today it is time to do that again, only now it is my dog I’m wishing well. Harry lost his battle against a very aggressive form a cancer last night, just two weeks shy of his 11th birthday.


Harry was a truly amazing dog, not only because he was my dog and I loved him dearly; everyone who met him thought he was an amazing dog. The weekend we learned he had cancer, no less than 30 people came to see him. Good friends of ours, family, kids he has played with and even a former student from years ago who has fond memories of Harry in her 6th grade classroom.

I could say many, many wonderful things about this soul, but I’ll sum it up with these few things:

He was my photographic inspiration and the reason I became a pet photographer. He was a very patient model and spoiled me for taking photos of any other dog.

He could fly, and leap and jump and flip. He loved his ball, his Frisbee  a day at the beach, to swim and swim and swim some more. He was an incredibly easy-going dog; bullet proof. Never had to worry about taking him anywhere. He visited seniors in assisted living facilities, worked with kids as a reading dog and spent years in a classroom of 6th and 7th graders helping them learn.

He was smart, tuned into people’s emotions, could sneeze on command. He hated baths, water bottles and was very picky about what water bowl he would drink out of; even passing up water when he was thirsty. After every walk he wanted to immediately go out to backyard and survey his domain. Even is his last days he got excited about a trip to the backyard.

He had countless friends.

He brought me the love of life and we are now bereft without him. “Goodnight sweet prince, and flights of angels sing you to your rest.”

Harry – January 2002 to January 2013

Fun Sibling Photography at Arlington Park in Quaint El Cerrito

For the past two years I’ve been a vendor at the annual Albany Berkeley street fair called the Solano Stroll. This year I offered a special photography deal to announce my new services of adding kids photography to my business. This past weekend I had the chance to meet one of the families who found me at the Stroll and spend a fun morning playing (and Sibling Photography ) with three siblings; Lincoln and his twin sisters, Fiona and Allison.

We met at the beautiful Arlington park in El Cerrito. I have found memories of playing at this park when I was kid and taking tennis lessons there, so it was especially fun to meet this family at the park.

Lincoln, the oldest sibling had no interest in being photographed. I’m fairly certain he thought it would be boring like school photos. I had to assure him he would have fun. His little sisters were more interested, especially Fiona who has plenty of personality and was a delight to photograph. So we played on the play structures, fired up the bubble machine, looked for crawdads in the pond and just acted plain old silly.

I’m happy to report that all the kids had a blast, got a couple of fun gifts and let me know that it was much more fun than school photos!

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