Siblings in San Ramon Family Photography

This fall I expanded my photography service offering to include children, so I’m now specializing in pets and kids.  What is more fitting than to have a former pet client of mine hire me to photograph her two kids, Jack and Rachel?  We met at a very cool park in San Ramon, Central Park, on another beautiful and sunny Bay Area day.  This is the kind of park I wish had been around when I was a kid.  Play structures, a creek, and a water fountain play area, grassy hills for rolling on, swings with the cushy soft playground surface they now have which beats the heck out of kneeling on (or falling on) hard concrete or tar!

Jack and Rachel were good sports and showed me how scrambling across the play structure and swinging on the monkey bars is done in the 21st century.

3&tree sanborn w-0465 3 amigos sanborn w-0619

They were even nice enough to pose for a couple of those obligatory sibling shots were they at least act like they like each other. Although, the water fountain was a big temptation and one I had to promise them they could splash around in only after they posed together for a couple of photos. It was a mild day and not one that I thought was warm enough for playing in water, but I’m not 10 any longer either and I remember at that age you hardly notice the temperature in favor of the fun!

Thanks Melanie for allowing me to meet your wonderful family and trusting me to capture those memories.

Cute Senior Pet Session on Bernal Hill San Francisco

We’ve been having a spat of rather manic weather in the SF Bay Area this fall.  Everything from cold and foggy to rainy and windy to beautiful and sunny.  That in and of itself isn’t that unusual, but we are talking from one day to the next.  When I scheduled a session with Nico the lab/shepard mix we thought it might be a muddy romp on Bernal Hill, but instead it was a beautiful sunny day with great views of SF.


Nico is a very sweet senior guy and the much loved companion of Kim.  The down side to the sunny weather was that it was a bit tiring for Nico and in most of my shots of him is tongue is lolling about; as you can here.

sa brisack-5745


My photo session of Kim and Nico was a birthday present for Kim from her GF, Dawn. If you ever hang out at the El Rio in SF, you might run into Dawn, Kim and Nico as Dawn owns the club and it has a pet friendly policy.  I love a place that allows dogs.

I had a really fun morning with Nico and I like to think that he did too!