One adorable MinPin in the Sierra foothills

Reese and I go way back, back to the days when he was just a mini-MinPin; which is the better part of the past decade.  Reese is the pal and companion of my long-time friend, Carla.  Lisa and I spent the weekend with Carla and her hubby, Pieter, two weekends ago in their beautiful home over looking the endless canyon in Camino (for those of you not in the know, that is the sierra foothills not far from Lake Tahoe).  When we weren’t wine tasting or playing Spades, I got out the camera and made a model out of Reese.

He wasn’t too keen on the whole smile and hold still thing, but he did enjoy the treats and kindly posed for me until he decided he had better things to do.  Reese is a total sweetie and I remember fondly the nights when I would “dog-sit” and he would crawl under the covers!  Thanks for the wonderful weekend guys and give Reese a big hug and treat from me.One adorable MinPin 1

One adorable MinPin 2

One adorable MinPin 3

Beautiful Lab in Balboa Park San Diego

I was on vacation the week before Christmas in beautiful, sunny San Diego when I had the chance to do a little traveling pet photography.  I had a session in Balboa Park with our good friend Tena and her amazing dog, Skylar.  Skylar is an amazingly well trained and very, very sweet beautiful lab who, it is clear, adores her human.  The feelings are mutual as is obvious when they play and romp together.

Meet my friend Skylar.

Beautiful Lab - Skylar

Beautiful Lab - Skylar 1

Beautiful Lab - Skylar 2

Beautiful Lab - Skylar 3

Beautiful Lab - Skylar 4