Meet Charlie and Peanut

Last weekend I had another Smile for a Cure session and met Charlie and Peanut, two senior red daschunds with their noses to ground sniffing for treats.  They didn’t sit still much, well actually, they barely stopped moving for more than 5 seconds so they kept me on my toes!  Nothing daunted I followed them around with my Canon close to the ground and myself laying in the grass most of the time!  That is, however, the life a pet photography intent on getting The Shot!  Thanks Ann for meeting me in the park and sharing your two cuties with me for a bit.

Charlie and Peanut - Daschunds

Charlie and Peanut 2 - Daschunds

Charlie and Peanut - Daschunds 3



Charlie and Peanut - Daschunds 5

Charlie and Peanut 6 - Daschunds


Charlie and Peanut 8 - Daschunds

Meet Kip, A rescued senior pup in Hercules

Another session from last week was this cutie named Kip.  I first met Kip and his human, Kristie, at the Bay to Barkers event in July when they stopped by to have their photo taken.  We had our session at Refugio park in Hercules and Kip was a great subject despite all the activity going on in the park and the myriad kids running by or on their scooters.  You see Kip is a senior doggie and blind, but that didn’t seem to slow him down much. Kip is Kristie’s first dog and she only recently adopted him earlier this year after he was surrendered when his elderly owner was no longer able to care for him.  A sad story, but with a happy ending as Kip clearly is devoted to Kristie.  He repeatedly crawled into her lap for snuggle.



Kip put up with an whole lot of posing and I’m pretty sure we tired him out as he looked ready for a nap in Kristie’s lap, but he is a terrific guy with a very sweet, friendly personality and I enjoyed spending time with him.  Kristie deserves huge kudos for doing what many people don’t by adopting an older special needs pet.  Thanks Kristie and Kip for the fun afternoon.

Meet Lori and Mimi – today’s sneak peak

Lori and Mimi


LoriIt was busy weekend at Chickpea Photography Studio this Labor Day.  We were busy, busy, busy following dogs with the camera.  Today I want you all to meet Mimi and Lori.  We played together at Albany Beach where both Mimi and Lori displayed their posing abilities and their love of the beach.  Lori and Mimi is just this adorable and personable little pug who quickly learned that posing for my camera meant treats.

Not to be outdone her older sister Lori got in on the act too.  Lori’s human was concerned that Lori would be hard to ‘capture’ as she is very shy and doesn’t like the camera.  But I think I won her over!

Enjoy your sneak peak Liz and thanks for letting me with play with Lori and Mimi on Saturday!