Celebrate Your Pre-Teen

To this day I still hate the word “lanky”.

By 10, I was so much taller than the other kids in my class and very self-conscious about it. The fact that my pants were always too short didn’t help. I was shy, skinny, and hated being singled out and called “lanky.”

I don’t look back at the few photos of me then and think “blossoming young lady.” Nope, I do an internal groan and think, “Ugh, too tall, awkward, gawky and most of all, lanky!”

The WHO I AM Project is my photography mission to fill in the forgotten pre-teen photo years while promoting self-confidence, valuing self-esteem and showing that real beauty is a state of mind, not the result of hair, makeup or waist size.

“Cyndi is a wonderful, warm and talented photographer and captured a very special moment in time for my 9-yo daughter last year. I highly recommend her and this project in particular!”Laina L, Alameda

Who we’re looking for

Anyone between the ages of 9 and 12.

Shy, silly, bold, serious, loves adventure. We want to fill up the studio with true personalities.

Why “Who I Am”?

We want to capture the unique personality of your tween.

We ask your tween and you some questions and combine words and images into a memorable art piece. Imagine the impact a single beautiful image can do for your tweens self-image.


How to participate

Simply fill out the contact info below and you will immediately receive all the project details.

The session itself is complimentary and includes $150 product voucher (a $450 value).

No additional purchase is required, but a $100 refundable booking retainer is needed to secure your date and time.

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