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Sending Holidays Cards? Get a Great Image to Send – Holiday Mini Sessions

I know it isn’t even Halloween yet and here I am about to mention the holidays (believe me, I hate that too!) but don’t pull a Cyndi and wait until the week before Christmas to get holidays cards. Then end up frustrated, tired of the hoards of shoppers all doing the same thing and decide “Oh, screw it, I’ll just send a New Year’s greeting instead!”

Holiday Cards - Kuiper Family

Grab your pets and/or kids and come on down to the Chickpea studio on November 9th to have your custom holiday greeting card made.

>There are only 12 slots open for the day.

->The 9th is the only day I’m doing greeting card mini sessions this year.

->It is a quick and painless 20-minute session (some people have actually been known to have fun!).

You’ll get 4 print ready digital images for $89 (that is a savings of $300) and if you add-on the custom greeting cards you’ll get a free digital greeting card for Facebook too!

Book your session today before all the slots are gone.

Greeting Cards - Joy Peace and Love

How dogs help us manage pain

For the past two years I’ve been struggling with knee issues.  Not great for someone who regularly is on their knees photographing pets. Today while I was waiting to see my orthopedist (might need another arthroscopic surgery) I spotted a sign on the wall about how dogs are used for pain management.  This intrigued me as I have two dogs and it is time to make them earn their kibble (just kidding, they earn it everyday with sloppy kisses).

I’m aware that having dogs (and pets in general) has many beneficial effects in the lives of humans from getting them out of the house and active, to lowering blood pressure and, of course, there are many, many working dogs that provide needed services. But pain management?  OK, how does that work?

pug on drift wood

Pug on the beach

After doing some research I learned a few interesting facts.  Did you know that a study from the National Institutes of Health found dog owners had a better one-year survival rate following a heart attack than non-dog owners?  Sounds good to me especially when you consider that dog owners require 20 percent less medical care than non-dog owners, according to a UCLA study among the elderly.  Next thing you know there will be a new health care initiative from the insurance industry about getting a dog to lower the cost of health care and I could get behind that!

bloodhound playing golden gate bridge

As for pain management patients recovering from joint replacement (something I sincerely hope is not in my future) who use animal-assisted therapy need 50 percent less pain medication, according to Loyola University researchers.  Perhaps this is from the distraction of the dogs or the joy in interacting with them.  Whatever the reason – is there a downside to having a dog in your life.  Yes, it is a huge responsibility and time commitment, but also comes with untold and uncountable benefits.

Thinking about getting a dog?  Lily, Harry and I strongly encourage it.  How about adopting one from a local shelter.  Save their life and perhaps your’s at the same time.

dogs playing at beach in berkeley

black lab at balboa park

Another Cute Kitty Portrait Session in the Bay Area

Saturday morning found me in Hayward photographing these two cute kitties, Lil’Guy, who isn’t that little, and Jimmy, who is well…..Jimmy.  In my experience cats rarely feel like participating in a photo shoot, but these two were good sports.

Kitty Portrait Session in the Bay Area 1 Kitty Portrait Session in the Bay Area 2 Kitty Portrait Session in the Bay Area 3


They showed me some of their favorite spots on the couch and then took me outside to show me how much they love their yard.  Thanks Catherine for having me over to play!  Here is your sneak peak!

Kitty Portrait Session in the Bay Area 4



Meet Murray the cat from

Before I head off for Tahoe with the family for a week of communing with nature I have a sneak peak for you of my recent session at in San Francisco.  Now obviously Murray is not a dog, but he is the office mascot at DogTime and they have just launched their partner site CatTime.  They adopted Murray a few months ago from a local shelter which is a very wonderful thing to have done as he is an older guy (over 11 is my guess) who just wants a comfy spot in the sun to nap.  Thanks to Leslie Smith the editor at dogtime for reaching out to me, I enjoyed meeting everyone and spending time with Murray the cat.  Enjoy!

Murray the cat 1 Murray the cat 2 Murray the cat 3

Sneak Peak – Pharoah the Cat

Yesterday, between rain showers (on Memorial Day weekend no less!), I got to spend some time with a kitty named Pharoah the cat.  Very sweet boy who tolerated the camera in his face pretty well.  Pharoah was rescued by his humans about a year ago when the neighbors moved and left him behind.  Now he has a very loving home and soon will have a baby to keep company as they are expecting any day now.

Pharoah Cat

Pharoah the Cat

Pharoah Kitty

Thanks Joni and Maer.  Enjoy today’s sneak peak….

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