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Meet Lori and Mimi – today’s sneak peak

It was busy weekend at Chickpea Photography Studio this Labor Day.  We were busy, busy, busy following dogs with the camera.  Today I want you all to meet Mimi and Lori.  We played together at Albany Beach where both Mimi and Lori displayed their posing abilities and their love of the beach.  Lori and Mimi is just this adorable and personable little pug who quickly

Meet Murray the cat from dogtime.com

Before I head off for Tahoe with the family for a week of communing with nature I have a sneak peak for you of my recent session at dogtime.com in San Francisco.  Now obviously Murray is not a dog, but he is the office mascot at DogTime and they have just launched their partner site CatTime.  They adopted Murray a few months ago from a

Sneak Peak – Pharoah the Cat

Yesterday, between rain showers (on Memorial Day weekend no less!), I got to spend some time with a kitty named Pharoah the cat.  Very sweet boy who tolerated the camera in his face pretty well.  Pharoah was rescued by his humans about a year ago when the neighbors moved and left him behind.  Now he has a very loving home and soon will have a

Lily and Harry visit another blog!

OK, so if you haven't visited the The Daily Pulget yet, well get your fingers clicking and check it out.  Today's post features my favorite canines - Lily and Harry.  Pug from the Daily Puglet paid us a visit at the Chickpea home over the weekend and such a good time was had by all that the fun is on his website for all to

Meet Mellow the Poodle Model in Albany

Some dogs chase balls, others dig holes, still more run on the beach and sometimes eat sand, but occasionally there is the dog who agrees to sit looking pretty and strike a pose for me.  This week that was Mellow.  He knows he's a handsome fella and since he just had a good grooming and trim was ready for lights, camera...."say woof". He also enjoys

Meet Aki – my first session of 2011

Well, the weather may not be the best, but the year is starting off well here at Chickpea Photography.  My first session of the year was with the adorable and very sweet Aki, a Akita, Shepard, Bernese mix.  We strolled around Jack London Square smelling the sites and eating treats.  Aki has a great smile and loving eyes.  He is an older guy and seems

Chloe the agility pooch in Jack London Square

I was surprised by Chloe (or Chloe the agility pooch), don't let her diminutive size and regal appearance fool you.  She likes to have fun, romp, and play in the grass, as well as being incredibly sweet and charming.   Chloe I discovered loves to chase the ball and she also jumps after it and performs agility.  Quiet a surprising little girl.  Thanks for hanging

Along came Betsy

It was fate that I should photograph Betsy.  I first met her in May when she was just a little cutie awaiting adoption at Berkeley Humane.  Then I ran into her walking her humans at Tilden Park one day in July and was amazed to see how much she had grown in those few short weeks.  And finally just last month I find her (with

RIP Jasmine

Even when you know it is coming it isn't easy losing a pet.  Jasmine was almost 15 and in failing health for a few years, but still had her good days; enjoyed a head scratch and never said no to a steak dinner.  She was a typical Dalmatian in that she was stubborn, neurotic, needy and had separation anxiety, but those were just her more

A day at Peninsula Humane Society

Once per month I have the pleasure and privilege of photographing the animals of the Peninsula SPCA.  I generally take photos of the long timers, pets who have been at the shelter for a year or more.  This past weekend I photographed Cara – a beautiful 4 year-old pit bull who I think has a terrific personality.  Unfortunately, whoever “owned” her before she was found as

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