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A New Family Portrait in Oakland Hills

When Sam first contacted me she was considering a newborn session, but that is not my specialty so she decided to wait a few months until her baby was old enough to smile and make it a family affair.  And smile little D did. What a sweet and easy going baby and he was so fun to work with.  They are a beautiful, charming family

5 Easy Tips to Get a Good Pic of your Pup

Who doesn't love taking pictures of their pups? But so often, the perfect photo ops happen without any planning and we don't have a camera with us. So we whip out our cell phones and click away, hoping to get good results, usually with varying degrees of success. There are ways to help ensure the quality of those spur-of-the-moment pictures - here are five tips

Senior Sibling Pups Rescued in San Pablo

You know that I am a big proponent of adoption as the shelters are filled with amazing dogs looking for a good and loving home. This wonderful couple, while looking in various local shelters to adopt a dog, was approached one day by a neighbor who had decided to give up her too senior pups stating she could no longer care for them. As it

Keep Your Dog Safe at Bay Area Beaches

Among the myriad health topics regarding dogs is one that's at the top of the list for SF Bay area residents - keeping your dog safe at the beach. Most dogs love going to the beach; they can take in new scents, experience the feel of sand beneath their paws, discover new things, and have a romp or swim in the water. This is a

Family Fun and Portraits in Tiburon

The O Family is another wonderful repeat client that I have been privileged to work with for the third time. Well, twice for family portraits and once with the daughter for a BFF Tween session. They are sweet and loving family and mom believes in getting a formal portrait each year to record the changes, which, includes the families two dogs. I love going out

Why Using a Professional Photographer is Important When it Comes to Your Pets

When it comes to your pets, you probably consider them a member of the family. Your love for them is unsurpassed so that is why using a professional photographer is important to capture them at their best. Sure, you might take a picture on your Smartphone and share it to your favorite social media but what about those photos you want to last a lifetime?

The Human Dog Bond is Amazing – Medical Alert Dogs

Historically, people and dogs have shared a special bond, a close relationship where each looks out for the well-being of the other. That special rapport coupled with dogs' extremely sensitive senses has raised the human-dog connection to a whole new level - training dogs to become Medical Alert Dogs. More than just a loyal companion to those in need, Medical Alert Dogs receive highly specialized training and certification in

Safety and Etiquette at Off-Leash Dog Beaches

The SF Bay area boasts several wonderful off-leash dog beaches, which raises an important health and safety topic: dog beach etiquette. More than just consideration for others - although that's very important too - using good beach etiquette can help ensure the health and safety of your best friend along with everyone else's. First, make sure your dogs have been socialized before letting them loose with other

Preteen Portraits – Who I Am Project

I hate the word “lanky”.  When I was 10 I was much taller than the other kids, my pants were frequently to short as a result and I was skinny as a string bean.  All the boys called me “lanky” (and not a few of the girls).  I don’t look back at the few pics of me then and think “blossoming young lady”…..I think, “Ugh! 

Hikes in the San Francisco Bay Area for Dog Lovers: Redwood Regional Park

Now that the Holiday rush is over it is time to get outside with your dog and enjoy the end of the year weather.  Hiking with your canine best friend can be a rewarding shared adventure for both of you. Taking your dog for an outing in a wild area not only gives him or her great exercise, it also stimulates the senses with new smells, sights, and terrains

Why Chickpea Photography?

There are a number of questions that I am regularly asked, so I thought I would write a post that addresses them. How long have I been in business? How did I get started? Where did the name Chickpea come from? Let me start with that last one first.  When I started my business in 2009 (oops, I guess I actually answered the first question

Beautiful German Shepherds Looking for Love

I had the privilege recently to help out Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue by photographing a few of their amazing pups who are waiting for homes.  These dogs were full of energy, friendly, ready to play and pose and all very beautiful.  Please meet Zusi, Tarzan, Buddie and Sienna. If you have room in your heart and your home I hope you'll get in touch

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