About Cyndi

IdaKuiper1926-e1424036207598.jpg.pagespeed.ce.JzXbjtNae0Pointing at the younger woman with the familiar smile in the faded old photo…

My 13-year old son exclaims “Hey Mom, she looks just like you!” And much to my surprise, he was right. Until then I was unaware of just how much I resembled my father’s mother.

This was an amazing moment; finding this old photo album was like traveling back in time. I was getting to know the younger version of the grandmother I had adored growing up.

I rescued the photo from that old album, framed it and now it resides on my fireplace mantle. Had it been a digital image it would have never survived for me to discover; which I urge my clients to consider in our instant gratification digital age.

  • Class clown as a kid and still love to make people laugh
  • Addicted to lavishly buttered popcorn at the movies
  • Favorite book as a child – The Little Prince
  • Favorite recent books – All the Light We Cannot See  & The Help
  • Guilty Pleasure – Grey’s Anatomy or Call the Midwife binging on Netflix
  • Proud mom of a US Marine (ret)
  • Favorite food – Lemon Cake (that’s counts as a food, right?)


  • You need a good belly laugh
  • You love seeing your kids giggle helplessly
  • Dog hair on your clothes is no big deal
  • You never sweat the small stuff
  • You favorite clothes are comfy like old friends
  • You speak your mind
  • Sunsets make you pause and wonder
  • You dance in your living room and don’t care who is watching
  • You know genuine expressions don’t come forced
  • You need good books, good music, good friends and long conversations
  • You expect great customer service
  • You appreciate quality and value
  • You know portrait photography creates works of art

Voted one of the best pet portrait photographers
in the Bay Area in 2012, 2014 and 2015.

Published in Contra Costa MarketPlace, Beyond the Wanderlust and Bay Woof Magazine.